Gabby is a Junior at Ursuline Acad. She is a member of the St. Louis Children's Choir and has performed in various local community theaters. She hopes to continue performing in College! Gabby portrays Moana, Tinkerbell, Rapunzel, Supergirl, WonderWoman, Anna and many others!

Siyi is a Senior at Francis Howell Central. She loves

working with kids of all ages and hanging out with her

princess friends!  Minnie Mouse is her favorite character.

Haley is our very first princess!  She has since graduated

college with a degree in musical theater.  She is a professional actor living in Chicago.  She has many professional shows under her belt.  She is currently working as a stand-in on Chicago Fire on NBC.  When Haley is in town she can still be found working for us sporting a tiara or two!

Tyler F.

Sophie is a senior at Westminister Christian Academy. She studies voice under Katie Kopff and performs in shows at CBC and others.  She plans on studying Business and Musical Theater in college.
Cate is a freshmen in College in New York!
Liz is a junior dance performance major at Oklahoma City University. She has been performing for many years on and off the Muny stage. She loves becoming a princess or any character so she can  bring joy and magic to every boy and girl! Miss Liz was our 3rd princess!
Sophie is a freshmen in college!
Laura is a sophomore at SIUE.  majoring in Musical Education.  She has been singing in public since she was 5 and performing in musicals for 6 years.  Laura portrays, Belle, Moana, SuperGirl, Moana, Ariel, Aurora, Rapunzel, Anna and many more!

All of our entertainers are young 

and vibrant!  They are between

the ages of 16 and 26!  We feel that

that they should represent the 

youthfulness of all of our characters

we portray!

Most of our Ice Queen performers have blue eyes!

Many of our entertainers have been trained by a vocal coach and have theater training!  It is very important that they replicate your child's favorite character!

James is a sophomore at Lindenwood Univ. He enjoys peforming in College and Community productions!

Our Talented Entertainers

Haley is a professional actor in Chicago.  She works for us when she is in town. . She is also a talented singer actor and dancer! She was most recently seen in Fireside Theaters Singing in The Rain! She has been in commercials and film! Miss Haley was our very first princess!.

Jennifer is a senior at Francis Howell Central High School and loves to sing and act! She has been lucky enough to win several local music competitions and loves performing for children. Jennifer portrays Elsa, Ariel, Rapunzel, Marilyn and many more!

Our Seasonal Cast Members:

This is just a sample of the talented entertainers we use in the St. Louis area.  We do not have room to list everyone that we hire for every type of gig! We have many talented choreographers, dancers, singers, musicians, actors, etc...

​Many of our entertainers come and go throughout the year.  They are all hired as independent contractors.

Dominic is a Junior at Francis Howell Central.  

Sydney is a recent graduate at Visitation Academy and attends University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.  She has been performing for 15 years and is trained in dance, acting, and singing.