Final payment for birthday parties and some events must be paid via PayPal at least 2 days before the event or cash at the event.  We no longer accept checks. Thank you!

STOP!  Please call, text or email us BEFORE you book to check availability.  Our schedules change daily!  

Once you contact us and we give your date and time the okay then you may submit your deposit. Please let us know once the deposit has been made to ensure we secure your booking.  You MUST speak with us on the day to plan to pay deposit to check availability before you pay the deposit.  You may have touched base with us yesterday but that does not mean your time is still available.  Thank you!  Email us @

Credit Card Payments: Discover, MC and VISA

$25 Deposit for 30 or 45 minute events.

$50 Deposit for 60 minutes or more events.

Deposit and Packages


Use the drop down box to select your deposit, pay for a package or make payments.